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Ecommerce is not limited to B2B or B2C portals, it expanding beyond this. The widespread espousal of social networking has shifted the traditional online shopping model to integrate consumers' active participation in the marketing and selling of products. The key factor behind a competitive edge in these growing ecommerce markets is to ensure a great user friendly experience. This includes a sharp user interface, secure data management, a solid POS, rapid performance and the ability to handle large amounts of traffic.

At Pushvas Technologies, our Retail Solution Practice ensures we use latest technology to help you achieve all of the above. We help business to achieve automation, higher profitability, and lower costs, reduce time-to-market and a satisfied consumer.

Pushvas Technologies portfolio in Retail solutions include

  • RFID Solution
  • Point of Sales
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Data Warehousing and Business Impact Analysis, Material/ Manufacture Planning, Forecasting
  • CRM & Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Channel Management - Franchisee, Partner
  • Telemarketing & Back Office Support
  • Ecommerce Solution

Our Retail applications developed have resulted in the following benefits for our clients

  • Reducing the Inventory Carrying Cost and Increasing the Purchasing Power
  • Retaining customer through loyalty programs
  • Reducing wastage and improving overall operational efficiency
  • Provide business and data modeling tools that help the management with different measure of the marketing, strength and weakness of organization against competitors, causes and effect of the failure within the organization.
  • Enables management of complex product catalog with ease, giving sales team's easy access to the precise product and pricing information they need.