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In current scenario the healthcare Industry facing a dilemma of cutting down the cost & at the same time provides better and improved services to their patients and customers The industry has been changes with respect to open standards, electronic data storage and reporting, interoperability etc. The industry has seen solution on various platforms including tablet pc, mobile, handheld/ PDA devices etc.

At Pushvas TEchnologies Software we deliver solutions that facilitate organizations to modernize their healthcare processes & standards which results in to improved efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality & effectiveness of service. We integrate our technology skills and industry knowledge to create effective and efficient healthcare solution. We have delivered solutions adhering to complex standards and specification for our clients.

Pushvas Technologies. Health Care Management Service provides Onshore and Offshore assistance to large and medium size Organizations including Individual practitioners, improves efficiency and Quality of Medical facilities delivered in Hospitals. Our Software Solution is collaboratively developed by clinicians, experts, specialists in Information Technology and our existing Key customers.

Pushvas Technologies understands the challenges faced by the Health care Industry due to increased government regulations, e-business challenges, raise in patient expectations and demand of cost reduction.

Pushvas Technologies Health care Management solutions are designed to enhance safety and efficiency of operational performance at all levels of health care process, ensuring you to provide Quality service which improves safety of the patient, connecting patients to Doctor, minimize risk of Human errors in lab, reduce Accidental Deaths, periodic alerts about shortage of nurses, increase in productivity by serving Maximum number of patients and at the same time improving quality of service provided.


  • Speed up the healthcare insurance claim
  • Electronic record management system
  • E-commerce solution for health related product
  • Medical awareness & billing system

Broad spectrum of healthcare services and solutions

  • Healthcare Applications Implementation and Integration
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Data-warehousing and Decision Support
  • E-Health /E-CRM
  • Claims Processing Solutions
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Physician Practice Management Solution
  • Electronic Medical Record, Patient Management etc