About Us

About Us | Mission and Vision

We build customized web application, mobile application and software that deliver results, improving your business processes and making you more efficient with a significant return on investment using our blended development model. Pushvas Technologies.. has vast expertise in shaping your ideas into tangible information technology solutions. We are adept with a workforce which follows the latest trends that is best suited for your business requirement. We assure to deliver the perfect information technology solutions for your business objectives with our deep and enriched knowledge base faster and more cost-effectively to whatever industry to cater to.

Pushvas Technologies exists in the online world just because of the indomitable determination of providing outstanding web solutions to our Online business clients. Our goal is to maximize our clients credibility towards our services and to maintain a life-long liaison. We aim to provide our clients the most feasible web solutions like alluring web design, web development, mobile application development, outstanding web application and internet marketing solutions.

We know that the world is developing at an extremely fast pace. A few years from now, there will be no place for losers. And in this race to be the best, Pushvas Technologies is one of the most prospective companies in terms of web and internet marketing solutions. Our vision is to provide the best web and internet marketing solutions to our clients and maximize their returns. Our turf in the online world. We believe that we will achieve our goals with the facilitation of our unceasing perseverance and our superb package of expertise.

The world is changing fast. We must look ahead, work with futuristic approach, and understand the trends and mechanisms which are to shape our business in future and enable us to move swiftly to prepare us for the forthcoming. We have to prepare ourselves for tomorrow today itself and that is what our motto is.

Through our customer centric approach we have gained a position of trust and respect from our valued customers. We follow proven practices and always keep ourselves re-inventing for improvement in accordance to the new technologies for serving our clients efficiently. We follow an efficient product development methodology to determine the feasibility and practicability of each approach towards software products and services that offers our customers the highest quality with competitive cost and in the shortest time possible.

Our endeavor is to create a benchmark for higher client satisfaction through our end-to-end information technology, consulting and software development solutions. We have long-standing relations with our clients built on successful completion of prior engagements through our comprehensive, cost effective and high quality information technology, consulting and outsourcing solutions.

Our Mission

We are into a fast moving world and we intend to be the first amongst equals. Our strategies start with our mission. Our mission explains us as a company and serves as a benchmark against which we weigh our knowledge and impart solutions.

  • To create creative, fully optimized and search engine friendly websites..
  • To be the best in search engine optimization for top ranking of clients website.


To develop error free software solutions and help our clients achieve their targets through our efforts and expertise.

  • Being a trustworthy, customer oriented organization.
  • An open and warm environment where everyone is respected, listened to and encouraged to excel.
  • Actively creating and exploring opportunity for growth of our customers and our organization.


Pushvas Technologies is a information technology (IT) services company providing IT consulting, technology services. Using our enhanced delivery model, innovative software platforming approach and industry expertise, we provide high-value IT services that enable our clients to enhance business performance, accelerate time-to-market, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Pushvas Technologies having experienced Software Developers, Designers and Management Team.

Pushvas Technologies is committed to finding the best and brightest talent and giving them the support they need to succeed to help our customers revolutionize their business.